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‘GOLD has really changed my life’ – Miriam ridley, GOLD 2013 Team Guyana

‘I honestly don’t think any other experience is going to beat GOLD’ – Emma Guthrie, GOLD 2013 Team Armenia

‘As well as helping the Gambia Girl Guides develop and grow, I personally have gained so much confidence and self-belief from the three weeks away’ – Sophie Carman, GOLD 2013 Team Gambia

These are just a few of the many things participants have said about Girlguiding 's GOLD project.

What is GOLD?

Guiding Overseas Linked with Development (GOLD) enables young women to develop their potential and make a difference in the world. It's a fantastic opportunity for guiding members to travel overseas, improve their skills, experience an amazing new culture and know that they're having a long-term impact.

GOLD projects work in partnership with other Guide Associations around the world and have been making a difference for over 20 years. GOLD delivers sustainable community-based development projects ranging from environmental issues to teaching leadership skills.

Since 1991 GOLD has visited more than 30 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America. Over 600 members have taken part to date!

How do I apply for GOLD?

To apply for GOLD come to our selection weekend, Go for GOLD. More Information about the weekend is available for our new site. 

To find out more on how to apply for GOLD, you can sign up to the GOLD mailing list by contacting

If you are a Girlguiding member aged 18-30 through GOLD, you can:

  • Make friendships that last a lifetime
  • Make a real difference in communities and Guide Associations overseas
  • Learn about new cultures and meet new people
  • Learn new skills – great for you and for your CV!
  • Bring back your new found skills and experience to local guiding

What is a project with GOLD like?

  • Sustainable and long-term
  • Inclusive and relevant - we work in partnership with overseas Guiding Associations to make sure the projects are targeted to local needs.
  • Not a holiday but a lot of time, effort and commitment!
  • A challenge of a lifetime that has endless unforgettable rewards.

What does GOLD do?

Girl on Gold tripProjects vary depending on what is needed by the local community and Guiding Association. They could involve:

  • Providing training on leadership skills
  • Running health and wellbeing for young women
  • Developing resources and programme
  • Supporting the creating of new sections

Each group has six team members, supported by a Leader with previous GOLD experience. Each group goes on GOLD once, for a three week project.

The GOLD journey

GOLD participants need to fundraise towards the costs of their GOLD project, although the project is partially subsidised by Girlguiding. This amount currently stands at £1,700 plus any equipment and vaccinations needed. The GOLD journey starts with a selection weekend, through two briefing weekends in February and April, to the three week project and then a debriefing weekend in autumn or winter – and beyond as participants share their adventures and learning back home.

GOLD Bursary

A GOLD Bursary Fund exists to support GOLD participants who are fundraising in a deprived area or have additional needs. The bursary could pay a proportion of a participants' fundraising, provide a carer during a GOLD project, provide specialist equipment for GOLD or fund a participant’s place on a selection weekend.

GOLD 2014

In 2014, GOLD will be visiting seven countries. The teams will deliver projects ranging from leadership training for young and new leaders in Cambodia, facilitating recruitment sessions in teacher training colleges in Sri Lanka and developing programme in Latvia.

You can find out what the teams are doing on their blogs: Team Cambodia, team The Gambia, team Guyana, team Malawi, team Peru, team Sri Lanka and team Latvia.

Past GOLD projects

Visit the blogs of GOLD 2013 teams to get a taste of what's involved for teams: team Armenia, team Cambodia, team Guyana, team Malawi, team Sri Lanka and team Tanzania.

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