Young Leader Qualification

The Young Leader Qualification is designed to help you take an active, positive part in running a Rainbow, Brownie or Guide unit. It is open to anyone in The Senior Section aged 14 to 18 and is a great opportunity to develop your leadership skills to help you in the future.

What does it involve?

The qualification consists of six modules which are completed practically.

  • Module 1 - Go! and sectional training - This module focuses on the Girlguiding membership system (Go!) and learning more about the section the Young Leader works with.
  • Module 2 - Leadership - This module looks at different leadership styles and when the Young Leader should use them, for example with girls of different ages.
  • Module 3 - Planning - This module allows the Young Leader to demonstrate how well they understand the programme for the section they volunteer with. It will help them to make sure that the programme is right for the range of ages and abilities in their unit, that all girls take part in planning the programme, and the activities are enjoyable for the girls.
  • Module 4 - Working with girls - This module allows the Young Leader to demonstrate that they understand the girls they work with and provide the best opportunities for them to grow and develop.
  • Module 5 - Local guiding - This module looks at the structure of guiding in the Young Leader’s local area and how the Young Leader is supported within this.
  • Module 6 - Your role in guiding - This module is about the Young Leader showing that they understand the Promise and Law, and their commitment to guiding.

The Look Wider and More record book (order code: 6110) contains the YLQ syllabus and sign-off space for the qualification. There is also a downloadable workbook which provides further information for each of the modules and clauses of the YLQ, and will enable you to make notes and record your progress as you work through the qualification.