Senior Section Permits

Taking The Senior Section Permit or Overnight Permit involves planning an indoor or outdoor camp with your peers. It means that you decide on the food, the activities, the people, the location – everything is down to you and your peers, which can be great fun! It is a great way to develop your leadership and organisational skills.

Get the Senior Section Permits pdf download.

What does it involve?

There are two residential permits for members of The Senior Section :

  • The Overnight Permit allows any Senior Section member to take up to eight people from The Senior Section or Guide section away overnight for no longer than 24 hours. Three modules must be completed.
  • The Senior Section Permit allows any Senior Section member to do the same as the overnight permit but for a camp or holiday of two nights or more. A minimum of six modules must be completed, depending on the event and the age of the participants.

Both permits may be used for a base camp/holiday or a mobile expedition camp/holiday in lowland or open country.