The Advocates are a group of Girlguiding members aged 14-25 who discuss the issues girls care about and seek change. They talk about body confidence, representation of girls and women in the media, education, teenage mental health, role models for girls… and loads more!

What do Advocates do?

being an Advocate

The 17 Advocates speak up about what they are passionate about, and they seek change by talking to MPs and in Parliament, being media spokespeople for Girlguiding, running sessions in their local guiding units, and speaking at Girlguiding events. They also help to direct Girlguiding’s own research, advocacy and campaigning work.
In the last 12 months, the Advocates have:

Why be an Advocate?

The best part for me is speaking out about issues that affect young women

Being an Advocate is a great opportunity for anyone interested in speaking out, campaigning, politics or current issues facing girls and young women.

Speaking out about issues that affect girls and young women today is a really important part of being an Advocate. Advocates get training in media and public affairs skills to help them get the most out of the experience.

The panel meets three times a year in London and there will be lots of other opportunities, meetings, workshops and campaigns Advocates can take advantage of between these meetings.

We're not recruiting new Advocates at the moment. But we will be again in the future.