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If you are looking for handy hints and advice on a range of subjects then check out Guiding's Guide to... These useful guides are a great place to look for advice. Browse through them at your leisure, or take them to your meeting to share and discuss with other Senior Section members.

We're currently developing new Guiding's Guides to... so expect to see more here in the future.

Guiding's Guide to saying No! to Bullying

Being bullied is hurtful and frightening, and it happens to many of us at one time or another. It can make you feel lonely and isolated, and can really eat away at your confidence. Girls tend to be bullied by other girls in ways that can be more emotional and less obvious than physical bullying. It can be difficult to know who to talk to or where to go for help.

This guide - supported by Changing the World partners Kidscape and the Mental Health Foundation - offers advice on where to find help, who you can trust and how to deal with bullies.

Download Guiding's Guide to say No! to bullying.

Guiding's Guide to Managing Money in the Credit Crunch

We polled many of our Senior Section members on what skill every girl should have. A whopping 93 per cent of you said that money management was a necessary skill.

As the credit crunch hits home, Guiding's Guide to Managing Money gives you (one of the next generation of savers) a few tips on how to survive it. From avoiding store cards and protecting yourself against fraudsters to cutting down on your shop-bought coffees, the guide will help you make sensible spending and saving decisions.

Download Guiding's Guide to Managing Money.

Guiding's Guide to Street Safety

You never think it will happen until it's too late. We've all been aware of Stranger Danger since a young age and in a recent poll, many of you said one of your biggest worries was walking home alone in the dark.

Guiding's Guide to Street Safety is launched in partnership with the Suzy Lamplugh Trust, the leading personal safety organisation. The guide will give you advice on how to be street savvy and avoid danger when on your own. The guide holds invaluable advice such as carrying trainers in your bag when you're out in heels, not talking on your mobile, avoiding shortcuts and never taking unlicensed cabs.

Download Guiding's Guide to Street Safety.