CEOP internet safety video

Dee thought sending some pictures to her boyfriend would just be a bit of fun. But then things got out of hand.

Watch this video from CEOP to find out what happens when private pictures get put up online, what you can do and how you can prevent it happening.

Like Dee, you might be feeling really embarrassed by something that’s been put on the internet about you. It can be really hurtful when people share stuff that is private or say horrible things – whether it’s online or in real life. Fortunately, there is help available.


  • If you’re feeling upset about something that has been posted online you can talk to Childline (0800 1111) or Beat Bullying

  • If someone online is upsetting you or making you feel uncomfortable, you can report it to CEOP

  • Think carefully before you send or share anything online or on your phone – remember they can be forwarded and shared with others

  • If you are unhappy with something that has been posted on the internet, ask the person who put it up, or the website it is on, to take it down as soon as possible

More information from Girlguiding:

You can read The Senior Section Web Safe Code to learn about how to be safer online. We also have information for Leaders and A Safe Cyberspace guide for volunteers.

WAGGGS also have a Surf Smart badge.