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All about Jean

JeanHey, I'm Jean!

I am 17 years old and I am in my last year of school in Scotland. I try and maintain a balance between my numerous activities!

In Girlguiding, I am a Young Leader with a local Rainbow unit, and attempting to get it finished before my 18th birthday in January. I only joined guiding in September 2011 but I am definitely trying to get a lot done! I love helping with Rainbows because it is so useful in developing leadership skills because you have to use the skills an enormous amount during meetings. I am also starting to help with a local Brownie unit after the summer.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog! Bye! :D


January: qualification and international trips

The last few months have been busy - I've been doing my Young Leader Qualification, and going on International Selection!


October: UCAS applications

This month I'm dealing with UCAS things, working on the practice expedition for my Silver DofE and advertising my skills as a Peer Educator.


September: Guiding over the summer

During the break I've been working on my Look Wider qualification, which is great fun. I was also chosen as a Scottish Youth Parliament (SYP) representative. Find out what else I've done!


August: Saving for university

This summer I've been busy with my last year of school, as well as working part-time in a sweet shop!