Emily has interned at Sangam World Centre in India. She has been on a number of international trips through guiding which have enabled her to visit the USA, Denmark and Sweden. She's been a Leader for five years and is working towards her Queen's Guide Award and DofE.


Ellie's travelled the world with guiding, visiting Mexico, Denmark, Jordan and Mongolia. She's also taken part in a Guiding Overseas Linked with Development (GOLD) project in Chile. The Ranger Leader is now preparing to take a County group to Mexico next year.


Victoria has been involved in guiding for 12 years and is working towards her Commonwealth Award. She loves performing in theatre productions, knitting, travelling and playing badminton with her twin sister.


Kirsty has been involved in guiding since she was seven and always tries to make the most of every opportunity. She recently helped cook a three-course meal for a challenge judged by Chief Guide Gill Slocombe and the Girlguiding North East England Chief Comissioner.


Jean only joined guiding in September 2011 but is passionate about the Movement. She's a member of the Scottish Senior Section Lones and has started working on her DofE Silver Award. She's also been chosen as a representative for the Scottish Youth Parliament (SYP).