The structure of guiding

Girlguiding is part of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS).

Girlguiding is broken up into the following smaller groups:

  • Countries/Regions.
    • Scotland
    • Ulster
    • Wales
    • Anglia
    • London and the South East (LaSER)
    • Midlands
    • North East
    • North West
    • South West
    • British Guides in Foreign Countries (BGIFC)
  • Countries/Regions are divided into Counties.
  • Counties are divided into Divisions.
  • Divisions are divided into Districts.
  • Districts are divided into units.

Your points of contact

  • Your first points of contact will be the members of the group of which you are a member. If you are a Young Leader, this will be the Leaders of the unit in which you are working. If you are a Ranger, it will be the Leader of your Senior Section unit. If you are a Lone Senior Section member it will be your Adviser or relevant Commissioner.
  • Your District Commissioner should help establish links between you and other people in your local guiding area.
  • At Division or County level, you can get in touch with the Commissioner or Advisers/Coordinators. In these roles volunteers act as specialists in a particular area of guiding, such as a Residential or Senior Section Adviser.

Each Country/Region has its own Chief Commissioner with a team of Advisers or Coordinators. Country and Region Commissioners can be contacted through their Country or Region offices.