Frequently asked questions

a) What do I wear?

b) The Promise

c) Other questions

a) What do I wear?

What clothes do I wear?

Wear what you feel works best for an activity or situation. The Senior Section clothing range includes: - polo shirts - sweatshirts - cotton shirts - rugby shirts - hoodies - baseball caps. If you are an adult Leader, you can also wear Girlguiding adult wear. Check out the online shop for the full range of section wear.

What badges do I wear?

The badges for members of The Senior Section are:

  • Aqua Promise badge = All members of The Senior Section
  • Midnight blue Promise badge = Leaders.

Where do I put my badge?

On your badge tab or somewhere sensible on your section wear like the left collar. You can wear up to four badges on your badge tab:

  1. Country or County badge (metal kind)
  2. World badge
  3. Qualification badge (Young Leader qualification, adult Leadership qualification, Camp permit, Camp licence etc.)
  4. An Association award (Chief Guide's Challenge, Queen's Guide Award, Duke of Edinburgh's Award and so on).

b) The Promise

What is the promise?

I promise that I will do my best:
To be true to myself and develop my beliefs,
To serve the Queen and my community,
To help other people
To keep the Guide law.

When should I make or renew my Promise?

When it feels right - you can still be an active member and even change roles before you make your Promise. You will need to make or renew your Promise before completing: - the Chief Guide's Challenge - Module 2 of the Leadership Qualification - the Queen's Guide Award.

c) Other questions

Why can't I be a Senior Section member after 25?

Turning 26 signals a new, exciting time in your life. In guiding this is recognised by giving you access to a wide range of opportunities and the chance to concentrate on leadership roles.

Who should I speak to if I have a problem?

If you have any volunteering issues, other members of The Senior Section, Leaders and supporters may be helpful. If the problem is about your group it may be best to speak to someone outside it, like a Commissioner or an Adviser. If you need to speak to a Commissioner, approach your District Commissioner first. The Guiding Manual is also packed with information on activities and regulations.

If I can't commit to weekly meetings can I still be involved in guiding?

Definitely! There are loads of ways you can help out, such as at District/Division level meetings; at fun days and outings; as a Unit Helper; at campsites and Training and Activity Centres, or as an Adviser, Commissioner or Mentor. All these are roles that don't require you to commit to weekly meetings.

Is it OK to help with a unit in university and only help in term time?

Of course! If you are running a group then the terms can be restricted to yours, or other Leaders can get parents to help when you're not there.

I'm a Senior Section member in one County but at university in another County. Can the things that I do in my university area count towards my Senior Section guiding at home?

Yes they can! If you're undertaking activities which will count towards your Queen's Guide Award, Duke of Edinburgh's Award, Look Wider, Going Away With Scheme or Leadership Scheme make sure you talk with your Mentor/supporter/Leader first. This will make sure they fully understand what is happening and how you plan to present evidence of the activity or get it signed off.